Land Surveys

Topographical Surveys

Architects, Designers, Engineers, Local Authorities and Town Planners require far more than just a survey drawing. Aworth Survey Consultants provide the complete topographical survey service, tailored to our specific clients’ requirements and delivered to the highest standard of drafting.

We understand no two projects have the same brief and additional details such as contours,  drainage,  utility tracing,  road markings,  precise GPS observations, site elevations and sections can be supplied.

All our standard topographical surveys are undertaken in accordance with the RICS Specification Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and Larger.

Topographic data is prepared from ground survey observations for a variety of end users.  Terrain models,  contours and infrastructure are mapped to precise accuracy and scale, providing topographical 2D and 3D data, wire frame models and digital ground models for all types of projects including road schemes, commercial, residential and industrial developments, pipelines and flood prevention studies.