Building Surveys


Whether you require Right of Light elevations,  standard detailed elevations or highly detailed elevations compliant with English Heritage guidelines we provide these individually or street scene views to meet your detailed requirements.

Elevations are prepared with reference to measured plan data to ensure accuracy and completeness. External fa├žade details, mouldings and window details are then added to elevation drawings from precisely recorded points by our Leica reflector-less total station instruments,  dimensional information or photographic data.

Where elevations of buildings are required,  but access is restricted we utilise advanced computer technology to produce true to scale elevations from photographs and electronic instrument readings. This is both quick and inexpensive and allows 3D perspective visualisation for Rights of Light modelling and overall planning.

In addition to standard linework elevations we can produce rectified photography which can provide an extra level of detail especially on heritage projects where irregular stonework may need to be recorded.

Detailed Elevation