Building Surveys

Historical Buildings

Aworth Survey Consultants understand the special considerations and techniques required to undertake Historic Building Surveys. Our vast experience in this field has allowed us to work on many fine period and listed properties including; barns, castles, churches, priory’s, mansions, and university buildings.

Highly accurate and detailed plans,  elevations and sections can be produced, compliant with English Heritage specification guidelines and to meet your detailed requirements.

Architectural details are recorded using the latest electronic survey instrumentation with meticulous hand measurement.  These allow our surveyors to produce drawings using site dimensions maintaining 1:1 accuracy and precise correlation between each level.

In addition to standard linework elevations we can provide rectified photography,  providing an extra level of information especially on heritage projects where irregular detail may need to be recorded. This technique is also particularly useful to record mosaic floors or ceiling patterns.

Detailed Section