BIM modelling - we are open for business

April 27, 2020

Aworth Survey Consultants are open for business, and able to transform your 2D documents into a data-rich BIM model without having to attend site!

With a vast knowledge and experience in 2D to BIM workflow, we can accurately produce your BIM model from the existing 2D plans, elevations, sections and photography you have from a current or archive project.

We have converted many 2D school, office and residential projects to be Level 2 BIM compliant, as required by the Government on all public sector construction projects. We can use your existing 2D AutoCAD survey data to do this.

Aworth can develop and adapt the Level of Detail (LOD) of the BIM model requirements from LOD 1 - Mass Model, LOD 2 - Shell and Core Model, LOD 3 – Standard Survey Model, to LOD 4 – Highly Detailed Survey Model dependent on the detail level of the survey data.

BIM benefits everyone involved in a construction or building renovation project. Genuine collaboration and improved communication, better cost control, increased productivity, and fewer project errors.

Aworth Survey Consultants are taking all measures to work from home to minimize the increased risk of COVID-19 to themselves, their families, our clients and their staff where ever possible.

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