Making space

March 13, 2020

We survey an enormously varied range of land and buildings and our work often sees us required to survey public spaces, ranging from squares and parks to road systems. Sometimes these spaces are part of large commercial developments or they could be council-owned space. Unsurprisingly, it could then be local authorities which commission us to help them or it might be architects, designers, engineers or town planners.

The reason behind these surveys vary. As mentioned above, it might be as part of a large development plan, or it could be part of a plan to improvement the infrastructure or redesign the public space in some way. Here at Aworth Survey Consultants we can provide the complete topographical survey service, tailored to our specific clients’ requirements and delivered to the highest standard of drafting.

Topographic data is prepared from ground survey observations for a variety of end users. Terrain models, contours and infrastructure are mapped to precise accuracy and scale, providing topographical 2D and 3D data, wire frame models and digital ground models for all types of projects, BIM modelling, road schemes, commercial, residential and industrial developments, pipelines and flood prevention studies.

Among the public spaces we have surveyed in the past is Covent Garden, the former fruit and vegetable market, now known for its restaurants, markets, boutiques and stores. Aworth Survey Consultants undertook a comprehensive 1:100 scale topographical and services survey to record the market and surrounding roads for future asset management of the historical site.

As Covent Garden and, indeed, other public spaces are by their very nature, public, we were required to undertake our topographical and underground services surveys at night to minimise any disruption or inconvenience.

“Being required to survey these large spaces demands an additional element of trust on behalf of our clients, as we are required to work alongside the general public,” says John Witherden, Managing Director of Aworth Survey Consultants. “However, with our nearly 60 years of experience and skill, we are well placed to work on projects like these.”


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