Seymour Centre featuring at FOOTPRINT+

May 09, 2024

Great to see Make Architects are presenting Seymour Centre at FOOTPRINT+, The UK Property Event for a Zero Carbon Future. Aworth Survey Consultants, appointed by Westminster City Council as the project measurement surveyors, provided detailed measured plans, and elevations for this revitalisation project.

The project exemplifies a fabric-first approach to decarbonisation and sustainability.

Make Architects guided by Westminster City Council, will transform this Grade II-listed building to adapt its existing leisure purpose into a modern, sustainable community hub whilst honouring the building’s art deco origins, designed by Kenneth Cross, and completed in 1937.

The Seymour Place Baths, which was its original name, featured a swimming pool hall designed so that it could be converted into a public hall or cinema during the winter months. 

The airship hangars at Orly, France, and the Royal Horticultural Society exhibition hall in London inspired the design of the spectator galleries and roof structure. In the mid-1980s, the swimming pool was converted into a dry sports hall and used as an event venue, hosting many famous fashion shows.

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