Spaced out

July 20, 2020

As lockdown eases and we begin to visit shops and other outlets again, we are getting used to waiting outside until there’s room for us to enter.

Many shops have signs outside stating how many people are permitted in at one time to allow for social distancing. To establish this depends on carrying out a capacity survey to calculate the floor space in that area and this can be difficult without accurate dimensions.

Before lockdown, visitors to London might have experienced being held up outside tube stations during the rush hour when the platforms reached capacity. Again, safety was very much at the centre of decisions such as these.

Here at Aworth Survey Consultants, we’ve been supporting many clients over the years to establish how many people can safely be in a space at one time. Our work has included undertaking accurate floor plans and area calculations for venues, including railway stations in North Kent for example.

Over the past few weeks, our experience and expertise in producing accurately measured floor plans has been invaluable for clients who have needed to establish how large their offices or venues are and, on the back of this, how much customers or team members can be in there at one time.

If you need the peace of mind that your space has been accurately measured for use with Covid-19 guidance, then do get in touch: 01825 768319.

Photo Credit: Dean Calma / IAEA

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