Map out your own destiny – become a surveyor

October 16, 2019

Aworth Survey Consultants has been in existence for more than 50 years and is proud of how we’ve grown and developed our team over that time.

As John Witherden, Managing Director, explains: “Aworth has always had a culture that nurtures and retains talent. We recognise and promote our experienced members of staff; creating that consistency within the team is a very important part of who we are. In fact, we have just taken on yet another trainee surveyor.”

John himself joined the firm as a trainee land surveyor straight from school in 1975.

 “Surveying seemed to combine all the things I was interested in and passionate about; a job that required me to work outside, with technical equipment and with opportunities to work in different places was extremely appealing,” he explains. “Then, as now, Aworth was a close-knit workplace geared towards mentoring, training and nurturing talent.”

Today, Aworth employees around 20 people and offers a wide range of services, from land and building surveying, through to CAD production and BIM modelling.

The firm provides on the job training, along with the opportunity to attend The Survey Association (TSA) Survey Technician Training Course.

Surveyor Chris Swann joined Aworth Survey Consultants in 1998 as a trainee surveyor says: “I wasn’t really aware of what surveying was when I started, as I was just out of school, but I discovered that I liked the type of work that it involved, as you get to see lots of different situations. I like working outside and the variety of different locations I attend, from a field one day to working on a building site the next.”

His colleague, Surveyor Tom Jordan adds: “I’m out on site probably 95% of the time, which I really like, as I’m very much an outdoorsy person. The role has also seen me work all across the south east of England and London; it’s interesting to have the opportunity to get to know parts of London that I might not have visited otherwise. I also find it rewarding to see projects we’ve worked on from the very beginning come together as finished projects.”

For more information about becoming a surveyor, click below to watch the TSA video about choosing surveying as a career. Look out for John in the video, as he emphasises how surveying is ‘the career of a lifetime’.

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