Monitoring Surveys

Our expertise in deformation or movement monitoring is extensive, with past projects including maritime heritage ship The Cutty Sark, loading towers at Tilbury Docks, Network Rail civil assets and structures and refurbishment/construction projects whilst under redevelopment including One Crown Place, London.

With buildings and structures on or near construction sites or excavation works susceptible to settlement or excess movement, deformation surveys measure the rate of this displacement.

Detailed measurements of civil and mechanical structures can be provided using high-order instrumentation and advanced surveying techniques to achieve ultra-precise measurement tolerances.

Monitoring results can be presented in spreadsheet form with graphic charts to easily demonstrate if any movement or deformation has occurred.

In addition to our standard output using fixed targets, we can also produce vertical contouring of elevational façades to identify any deformation.

This presentation of results is extremely useful to monitor progress of demolition works or to confirm precise vertical tolerances for new steel frames.

All our monitoring surveys are undertaken by our dedicated field survey teams, equipped with the latest Leica Total Stations and associated surveying equipment.

Dedicated field survey teams are accredited to undertake surveying on London Underground and Network Rail, as well as National Grid installations and confined space environments.