Lettable Area Calculations

Area calculations may be required for valuation, management, conveyancing, planning, taxation, sale, letting or acquisition purposes.

We are fully conversant with the latest RICS Property Measurement, 2nd edition requirements and can advise you on all elements of the latest International Property Measurement Standards IPMS: Office Buildings (Parts 1, 2 and 3), IPMS: Residential Buildings (Parts 1, 2 and 3, 3a ,3b, and 3c) and the RICS Code of Measuring Practice, 6th edition.

Whether you require Code of Measuring Practice: GEA, GIA or NIA or the IPMS equivalent: Parts 1, 2 or 3, we can provide comprehensive scale drawings detailing the demise and area calculations to comply with the required standard.

Our services are often used by large corporates wanting to calculate areas for departmental demise reviews,shop unit calculations at retail centres and as-built office demises for handovers.

We pride ourselves in providing lettable area surveys on clear accurate floor plans showing the precise NIA, GIA or GEA demise areas. We annotate all deductions, together with a comprehensive schedule of the area calculations.

Gross External Area (GEA) is the area of building measured externally at each level and is primarily used for planning applications or for rating and insurance purposes to residential properties. IPMS 1: Offices/Residential (IPMS 3A) equates closely to the former GEA.

Gross Internal Area (GIA) is the area of a building measured to the internal face of the perimeter walls at each floor level. It is primarily used for calculating building costs, and for rating and service charge apportionment in the commercial sector. IPMS 2: Offices/Residential (IPMS 3B) equates closely to the former GIA.

Net Internal Area (NIA) is the usable area within a building measured to the internal face of the perimeter walls at each floor level, with specific exclusions. It is primarily used as the basis of measurement for valuation, marketing and property rating. IPMS 3: Offices/Residential equates closely to the former NIA.