Rectified Photography

Rectified photography provides an extra level of detail to a survey, especially on heritage projects where detail such as ceilings, irregular stonework, mosaic floors, stained glass windows or building façades may need to be recorded.

The cost of producing rectified photography is relatively low compared with other aspects of building conservation work and can provide a to scale, distortion free photographic record (upon the rectified plane) which can be referenced and integrated with the linework CAD drawings.

This specialised digital photography service is incredibly effective on mosaic floors and stained-glass windows prior to renovation, where a colour record gives accurately recorded shapes a further dimension.

A detailed rectified photography record of brick, stone or mathematical tiles of building façades, walls or structure elements can provide the whole conservation and design team with accurate information to assess, programme and cost for restoration repairs.

Aworth Survey Consultants understands the special considerations and techniques required to undertake historic building surveys compliant with English Heritage specification guidelines and to meet your detailed requirements. Our vast experience in this field has allowed us to work on many fine period and listed properties including; barns, castles, churches, priories, mansions, and university buildings.