Height Data

Height data from Maps@Aworth comes in an extensive range of formats and with a vast spread of resolutions to meet any needs. The data may be brought into CAD and GIS software for a range of 3D analyses, such as terrain modelling, flood modelling, drainage analysis and environmental impact assessment.

All formats are geo-referenced with an x,y location to allow precise overlay with other OS mapping products. Our top suppliers are:

  • Ordnance Survey – The OS offers datasets OS Terrain 5 with a 5m resolution and OS Terrain 50 with a 50m resolution. Both cover the whole of Great Britain and are available as DTM.
  • Environment Agency – The EA LiDAR dataset comes at between 2-0.25m resolution and covers coastal, flood risk and urban centres. Available as DTM or DSM.
  • Intermap – The NEXTMap dataset comes at a 5m resolution and covers the whole of Great Britain. Available as DTM or DSM.
  • Cities Revealed – Focusing on urban centres and environs, Cities Revealed offers data at a 2m or 1m resolution. Available as DTM or DSM.
  • Airbus Defence & Space – The Astrium LiDAR dataset comes at between 2-0.5m resolution and covers 100+ urban areas throughout Great Britain. Available as DTM or DSM.

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