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Maps@Aworth is proud to offer an extensive range of high quality, detailed mapping on a national scale. Our products include:

  • 25k, 50k and 250k Scale Raster Mapping. Our colour raster maps are perfect for displaying large areas of land in relatively high detail. They are commonly used as walking maps, for vehicle routing, to analyse contour information or for transport planning and management.
  • Vector Mapping. Vector data sets allow for easy editing and can be customised to suit any application. VectorMap Local deals with scales between 1:3,000 and 1:20,000, while VectorMap District is designed to be viewed at a 1:250,000 scale.
  • Miniscale at 1:1,000,000 this is the smallest available scale for an Ordnance Survey product. As these maps show landscape features clearly, they are ideal for identifying national transit routes or plotting assets across a wide geographic area.
  • OS Street View at 1:10,000 is our most detailed national mapping product, with coverage over the entirety of the UK. These clear, simple maps are ideal for use as a backdrop for other data.

All mapping is available in various digital formats.

From £14 + VAT

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